Dysautonomia Advocacy Foundation's mission is to heighten public awareness about dysautonomia, to offer communal support for those affected via social media, and to elicit financial support and resources for research of treatments for dysautonomia and, ultimately, a cure.

Dysautonomia Advocacy Foundation wishes to be part of the greater effort that allows connections to credible sources of information regarding diagnostic criteria and treatment opportunities.

 The open forum design encourages those who suffer with the symptoms characteristic of dysautonomia to share their experience with their own illness, leading to a greater individual and related community understanding.

These goals are in accord with the fact that this is a complex group of illnesses, the nature of which is not well understood. In that established diagnostic criteria are limited, the incidence of the various forms is not known. These realities contribute to a lack of focused sophistication within the medical community making it difficult for many patients to find adequate care or even validation.

Dysautonomia Advocacy Foundation consists of a director, herself a patient with dysautonomia, and a small advisory group consisting of community business and professional leaders who have agreed to serve without compensation.

Dysautonomia Advocacy Foundation has available to it a medical advisor, a university faculty physician with interest in dysautonomia. This director has also agreed to serve without compensation.